June 21, 2016, will be celebrating the 34th anniversary of World Music Day or Make Music Day (Fête de la Musique) as it has been originally christened. The story goes back three decades ago in October 1981, when a gentleman named Maurice Fleuret was appointed as the Director of Music and Dance, under the ordinance of Culture Minister, Jack Lang of France. On his overview on the French musical state of affairs, he simply stated that: “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere”.

Fleuret discovered in a study conducted in 1982, that approximately five million people – out of every two Frenchmen – were playing a musical instrument. However, this ratio was not witnessed on a wider scale, as there was a visible lack of podiums for artiste to perform & express. It was the greatest desire of Jack Lang, to witness a musical fiesta manifesting on the national echelon. He and his ministry worked their way to bring the people out on to the streets for a musical carnival, where for once, the Frenchmen shall shut down all activities for a day and devout in rejoicing the spirit of free music. Hence came along, in the summer of 1982 in Paris, the first “Fête de la Musique”- A carnival of free and exclusive music. The day witnessed free celebration, where any and every soul could come and join, play, or host musical performances.


As music recognize no language barrier, this celebration has found its way out, flowing like a free river turning into a global phenomenon, celebrated across the five continents in more than 120 countries. This festivity still plays a vital role in giving amateur music practitioners the equivalent platform, as in relation to seasoned artistes. Open concerts are organized where artistes give in their free performances to a wide range of audience.

Here in India, where the land takes pride in its culturally enriched treasure-house is in-tune with the world orchestra in this celebration. With great oceanic depth and intensity, the sonorous Indian classical music has always been India’s theme tune, which identifies this ancient land and its culture amongst the world crowd. This musical fever has caught up with all major Indian cities & towns, gearing up with numerous concerts, musical collaborations, gatherings and fete. With more online endorsement and social media groove, this festivity is gaining eminent hype with the passing time.

Though music on its own does not call for any singular day to be remembered, a special day celebrating the universal language and notes of melodies can be the raised toast to the most beloved phenomenon in this world. And India here is standing high raising it.

-Dibyoshnata Talukdar