Thanks to Facebook, everyone is aware by now that 18th April is noted as ‘World Heritage Day’. But do you know why?

1. World Heritage Day is an aide memoire of the wonderful heritage offered by the generations across the world.

2. The seeds of this day were sown by the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in Tunisia on 18th April 1982, and later the idea was approved by UNESCO in 1983.


3. Popularly known as World Heritage Day, it was preconceived as International Monuments and Sites Day. Coincidentally, today ICOMOS also celebrates its 51st anniversary.

4. The day hoists the public’s awareness about the cultural legacy of the world encompassing the ancient monuments, buildings, festivals, fairs, art, crafts, and any other facets of the civilizations, in order to bring about the importance of conserving and making them stand tall on the world map.

5. India, which has been an epitome of real culture and tradition since ages, accommodating the marks of different rulers and dynasties in the form of monuments, sites, religion, and traditions, celebrates this occasion with vigour and devotion.

6. The Archaeological Survey of India, the state departments of archaeology, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, and other heritage-conscious organisations across the country host bunch of activities like theme-walks, exhibitions, contests, etc. to assimilate the values of glorious inheritance amongst the young and old.
Interestingly, all of us can contribute to this day by sharing our old photographs with family or relatives, or any documented works narrating our city’s heritage story on the social media.

–  Rishu Jain