Merry tune of “Jingle bells” echoing along the streets hark us back in Christmas mood. Seeing the town swathed in twinkling lights, beaded garlands, and aroma of plum puddings and roasted nuts educes our fondness for traditions. The pomp and gaiety of Christmas gives a perfect chance to indulge oneself in goodies, cookies, and festivities.

To make sure, you face not a single dull moment on the day, we have jotted down the few things to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

Christmas Dat Feasting


The city has become a host to endless craving tables with the restaurants and hotels throwing their own Christmas themed brunch, lunch, and dinner.

  • Try Winter Jingle Menu by Fio Cookhouse
  • Christmas Carnival at DLF Promenade is a total treat. (They have towering Christmas tree of 25ft.!)
  • Sakley’s Mountain Cafe is not ready to go short on their Christmas Menu
  • Feast at All American Diner, India Habitat Centre while enjoying some Jazz

Christmas Day Merrymaking


The merriest time is when the Santa showers you with gifts you fancy and the contests & fun sessions arranged across the metropolis are wholeheartedly granting this wish.

  • Attend Christmas Party at Gymboree for the splash of art and colours for the kids
  • Explore the city and its periphery on this festive weekend by taking part in Heritage Walks.
  • Plan a staycation with your near and dear ones around Delhi NCR

Christ Methodist Church Christmas Day Carol Singing 2016


The celebration of the returning light is incomplete without the exchange of rich music, so Delhi serves you up with the finest carol performances for the masses.

  • Attend Midnight Mass at Sacred Heart or Cathedral Church of Redemption (Wait post 12 to get your share of cake!)
  • Participate in a Musical Afternoon at Lodi Gardens 3-5pm. (Prepare your Christmas carols before you go!)
  • Jump in the Street Carols in Connaught Place

Also, Hauz Khas Village, Saket, and Gurgaon will be throwing innumerable musical gatherings at this time.

Christmas Day Cel;ebration Wassailing


The holiday’s pagan roots are suitably acknowledged in the tradition of ‘wassailing’ where the people go door to door sharing a loving bowl of food, drinks, and good wishes. Add more meaning to it by being someone’s Santa.

  • Participate in the volunteering programs for deprived groups.
  • Donate a plateful of TLC to organisations working for the cause.

Now you know ‘Where to Go’ and ‘What to Do’ this Christmas. Buckle up to share the smiles and laughter around!

  • Rishu Jain