The Existing Melody of Carnatic Music | About | Things to Know: The coming of mass entertainment and the electronic media was a bane for the Classical music genre, Carnatic music, a classical form indigenous to the southern Indian land too suffered the repression. An art practised by the masses less than a century ago was neglected only to be sustained by some true practitioners. A lot of people were and still are attracted towards cine or light music because they think that it is more entertaining and cool, though they are unaware of the fact that this melodious “cine or light music” has been derived from the Carnatic Music only.

Carnatic music, in this digital era, has managed to survive incessantly contrary to all the obscurity and negligence, only due to the charisma & the crowd pulling capability it holds and some true artists who have imbibed each and every nuance of this art.

Today’s youth is taking-up Classical Music, but only as a part-time hobby, without much serious concern, as they are attracted mainly by the fame and stardom, hype generated by the media networks, National and International success, a scope for their own venture but most of all, Money.

Carnatic music artists play flute and violin.famous karnatak music artist plays tabla,ghatam,kanjira&morsing

But some true art practitioners believe that unless the base of the art form is strong enough and nourished, neither can an artist perform well nor can the teachers instruct well. Music today is taught with semblance rather than in its true form, this produces skilled artists, but not the true ones. As a mason can only construct a building with good skills, but he cannot construct Sky Cities, wherein, we require, true Architects and Civil Engineers, so is the case with music too. Present day teachings administer few selective ragas and kirtanas out of thousands, therefore, the performing artists are confined to just those few ragas. To achieve the objective of alleviating the stagnant status of Carnatic music, new teaching methods should be adopted and the students should truly dedicate themselves to their respective art form without being concerned with any other aspect.

As earlier referred to as bane, modern times have also been a boon in propagating Carnatic music. From the age-old Guru-Shishya Gurukula teaching, Carnatic music has really adapted itself to modern technology. Today’s digital aid like Internet, audio and video cassettes, CDs and much more have been bridging the gap between the tutor and the one being taught. People have developed more awareness for Music, especially Classical. We just need to understand that how to adopt new trends selectively, by analysing the traditional values and trends and the reason behind following them. This blend of modern and traditional trends will help us to dig a deeper hole and create a greater foundation for the generations to come so that they can follow the age-old art forms with a modernistic touch resulting in paving the way for continued and increased participation by the youth, in serving the cause of upholding the Classical Music.

Play karnatak music with Mridhangam,Sarangi,Thampura & Tabla.Carnatic music famous instruments are kanjira & veena

Carnatic music is still heard all over the world and is consistently broadening its arms, it is because of some great men and women, who bore the art form and have been making an effort to propagate it, and due to these distinguished pupil Carnatic Music makes an emphatic and grand statement of survival each year during the annual Carnatic Music Festival in Chennai.

  • Sanchit Pahwa