zorba the buddha

Nestled in the lap of nature in the otherwise swarming city; Zorba the Buddha recently became a host to Five Day Intensive Shamanic Retreats. It greeted people from all walks of life to come and plunge in the freshness of nature amidst the warmth of sun, smell of greens, the din of ducks, and shade of thatch canopies. The shamanic practitioners from across the world assembled to facilitate the visitors.

According to the Shamans, the threads of our ancestry have a deep effect on the emotional, physical, spiritual, mythical, and archetypal needs of a person. It is important to understand that whole world is within you, and you are not separate from the spirit, therefore, one is required to have an in-depth understanding of their Infinite Self, Elemental Realm, and Mother Earth. Also, it is of the belief that every element of nature carries a message and a voice striving to be listened and answered.

SHAMANISM, mapping itself from the pages of history, is an old cultural practice that cuts the peripheries of society, topography, and faith to perceive these messages of ancestors and inner spirit. The workshop involving a number of healing modalities including shamanic training, music therapy, focus and concentration exercises, energy balancing, hypnosis, breath work, Reiki, as well learning to work with Spirit, animals, and nature are conducted to walk on the shamanic path, thus, healing, recovering and evolving from within.

The first session was Heart Consciousness with Anahata, which took inspiration from many tribal cultures and shamanic trends. She has picked up a rare crystal skull, heart-shaped rock from Ladakh, Arizonian bushes, shamanic drums and other voodoo while journeying across the world. Anahata deems her role as twofold, where she assists the folks in reacquiring the tools for their growth and holding a safe space for them to do their work. Using drum sounds and vocals, she takes them to the altered states of consciousness, called a shamanic journey. Through the process, one is able to have deep insights that are beyond physical and mental levels, and access a gateway of greater acceptance that respects the diverse experiences of life. Her technique supports the awakening of the healing presence that exists in every being.

Sound Energy Healing of Tibetan Drums followed the session. The modality traces back to Tibetan Buddhism where the bowls and bells were used for healing, consciousness transformation, pain management, and attainment of deep peace & well being. Lifang Huang, a key shaman exclaims, “the bowl is the shaman, she is just a means!” Besides, she practices Touch Healing, which is an intuitive form of massage combining Shiatsu and Thai techniques. By applying firm pressure to energy points, the stagnant energy & blockages are removed, the flow of “chi” or “life force” is restored, and balance between body’s energy systems is achieved. She integrates her skills with experience to design a therapy according to individualistic requirements.

Chris Eagle remarked, “Being a shamanic practitioner was a calling. It is not something that he could ever quit, or completely disregard.” From the very childhood, he felt a strong connection with the spirit, and hence he began using energy with the intention to bring healing. Whether one is seeking help to shift an emotional blockage, let go of a bad past, dissolve negative energy or plainly, want to lift the spirits, the shamanic therapies can provide the focus to re-align with one’s real self, and get back on track.

In Cacao Ceremony, Koitso and other shamans worked together for the creation of a safe and beautiful space to switch off the outside chaos and journey into the silence. It confers a deep sense of joy, and supports reflection and connection to the larger aspects of ‘oneself’. Bestowed with a sacred status by the people of ancient Meso-America, Cacao is a concentrated, pure and traditionally prepared chocolate drink that is offered to reach an altered state where the time stills and one becomes more present to anew.

…their inner desire to serve to the kith and kin, Mother Earth, and all mortals on this planet pulled them into Shamanism. Contrary to the popular beliefs, Shamanism is no witchcraft, but a path where one is better connected to each and everything bred by nature to perceive life in a different way.

  • Rishu Jain