NATYA TARANGINI PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE is wrapped around a thought to revive the gurukul parampara in the cityscape, wherein kids are taught classical music and dance from a very tender age. Founded in the year 1976, the institute is a brainchild of legendary trio Raja Radha Reddy & Kaushalya Reddy who are solely responsible for bringing Kuchipudi to cultural map of India and rest of the world.

When the dancing duo felt that our youth is fast estranging from the legacy of our timeless classical dance and music streams, they made a move to proliferate and propagate the age-old knowledge by giving birth to Natya Tarangini. The institute, having two centers in Delhi & Hyderabad, imparts the knowledge of Kuchipudi, Classical Music, Yoga and Sanskrit to its students.

The magnificent building, inspired by a mix of traditional & contemporary architecture, house the foyer, rehearsal rooms, mini auditorium, art gallery and a newly inaugurated amphitheater with the state of art facilities. It greets the visitors with positive vibes, and a view embellished with the huge statue of Lord Ganesha, stunning sculpture, and sprawling greenery. At hours of darkness, it glistens from within drawing attention towards its serene cultural character and hustle & bustle indoors, courtesy its well-thought lighting.

The transparent walls of the rehearsal hall are intended to let the energy from heavy dance rehearsals freely flow outwards so that the experience stands visible to people present outside. Its open spaces are utilized for assorted purposes ranging from hosting the formal events to serving as a relaxed space for performances and educational programs. Recently, the center celebrated the 40 years of its being by organizing a grand Annual Day in its spacious Amphitheater accommodating the guests, students and parents under a single roof.

Seeing the scintillating performances of their disciples on that occasion, Guru Kaushalya Reddy shared, “I am the first student of Natya Tarangini and I think the dancers who are training should watch and observe others perform on stage, as it is a nice way to learn new things and imbibe various methods. We want to impart the knowledge of this art (Kuchipudi) to more and more people, so we invite everybody to our institution where they’ll be trained to take this art form to another level”. 

As expressed by Gurus, the knowledge of Classical Dance, Music and Mythology is a great bond to promote the holistic well-being of an individual as it utilizes one’s intelligence, spirituality, and spontaneity. Besides, the broad programs offered by the institute bestows the brilliant students with a lifetime opportunity to showcase their talent on national and international platforms in various dance and music festivals like Parampara Series, Shreyasi International Dance Festival, etc.

– Rishu Jain