Minaakshi Saran Dass

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Mrs. Minaakshi S. Dass hails from the illustrious DCM Shriram family. Being brought up by her grand-parents, Lala Charat Ramji & Smt. Sumitra Charat Ramji, Mrs. Dass has explored and deeply imbibed the opportunities of India’s soft power which lies in promoting and enhancing India’s Culture, Heritage, Arts and Craft. She has also worked under her grand-father and has absorbed the art of Business Management.  She has trained and worked for 18 years at Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra under the able tutelage of her grandmother Smt. Sumitra Charat and her aunt Smt. Shobha Deepak. She has worked at the Kamani Auditorium under the guidance of her uncle Sh. Deepak Singh. Mrs. Dass serves as the Promoter-Director on the board of the automotive giant Shriram Piston’s and Rings Ltd, New Delhi.

She is a Founder Member of the SBKK – GC, Kamani Auditorium & Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust. As one of the founding members of Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra and an important member of the Charat Ram Family, Mrs. Dass participates in all policy matters related to SBKK and BKKT. It is noteworthy that over the past two decades Mrs. Dass has accumulated enormous experiences in the activities and the management of both these institutions.

Mrs. Dass has actively served as the Dy. Director (Hony.) of the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra for 20 years. She has now consolidated her position in both these institution by stepping down from her position to make way for the both the institutions to be professionally managed. She has moved away from the day-to-day operations & has paved the way for the long-term stability and growth of the institutions. Since the Kamani, SBKK & BKKT are family owned, Mrs. Dass now plays a larger role in the overall Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations and other activities which enhances these institutions.

During her tenure at SBKK,  Mrs. Dass has been accountable for the following activities:

  • Worked under the current Chairman and Director; In Moving the Ramlila from Feroze Shah Kotla Grounds to SBKK, under the continuous guidance of Late Dr. Charat Ram and Late Smt. Sumitra Charat Ram.
  • Working 24/7 with the current Director and late Sh. Keshav Kothari for all in-house ballets such as Meera, Chakravyuh, Parikrama, Ramlila reformatted as Shri Ram, Krishna Avtar re-formatted as Krishna etc. Continuous guidance was provided by Late Dr. Charat Ram and Late Smt. Sumitra Charat Ram.
  • Worked 24/7 with the current Director and Sh. Keshav Kothari for Shriram Shankarlal Music Festival, outdoors and indoors. According to records Mrs. Dass has been a part of the curating team of the prestigious festival.
  • Mrs. Dass has raised various funds to sustain and contribute to the activities of SBKK. The activities include the SSMFL, Ramlila etc. The list of donations given and organized is available with the Secretary (SBKK).
  • As the Dy. Director, Mrs. Dass was an integral part of the absolved SBKK-Executive Committee which was formed to raise a corpus and therefore grow the institutions.
  • Mrs. Dass was also a part of the Trust Premises Utilization forum floated by the then Chairman-SBKK. The forum was formed to understand, create an implement a blue print on the lines of India Habitat Center.
  • Accountable for the management of the College of Music and Dance, Mrs. Dass had consulted Mr. Shashank Vira to understand the way forward of the College of Music and Dance. A paper to this effect was also made and submitted to the current director SBKK.
  • For the celebrations of the centenary of the Founder of this prestigious institution the Finance Minister of India – Sh. Arun Jaitely graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He was accompanied by his wife. Some other government dignitaries who attended this occasion were Dr. Mahesh Sharma – Minister for Culture (GOI), Sh. Piyush Goyal – Minister for Power,Coal & Renewable Energy and Sh. Rajiv Pratap Singh (Rudy) – Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Mrs. Dass is on personal terms with all these dignitaries and their families. The charter of these invitations was handed over to her by the other founding members.
  • Mrs. Dass continues to provide her value added contributions to Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Kamani Auditorium & Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust.

Mrs. Dass is an active Co-Chair of the CII Northern Region-CSR Committee. At the committee she is actively fielding the cause of Socio-Ecomonic from the base of the pyramid. She is looking at performance matrix and success rates from all CII-CSR States of its northern region. The team is working towards the CII-CSR National Agenda.

Current Dossier

  1. Founding Member – Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra (SBKK)
  2. Permanent Member – Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra (GC)
  3. Trustee – Kamani Auditorium
  4. Promoter-Director – Shriram Piston’s & Rings Ltd
  5. National Council Member – Committee for Backward States – CII
  6. Co-Chair –CSR & Gender Equality – CII Northern Region
  7. Founder & CEO – India Heritage Desk
  8. Chairperson – PLS Group of Companies
  9. Chairperson – Wylie Indicators Ltd.

Mrs. Dass is qualified Textile Designer. She is an accomplished sports person having played tournament golf, equestrian sports and cricket. Due to her upbringing and her vast experience Mrs. Dass has deep interests in Culture, Heritage, Music, Dance, Arts, Crafts and everything related to these fields.