One of the finest pieces of fusion music heard in past few days was “Desert Storm”, a sonorous recital presented by Salil Bhatt (Satvik Veena) and the Manganiars at Habitat World, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road on 10th June 2016. Disciple and son of Grammy award winner, Pt. Viswa mohan Bhatt, Pt. Salil Bhatt & the well-reckoned classical folk music community, the Manganiars came together to create an exotic interplay between the Satvik Veena, Tabla, Harmonium, Khartal and Dholak. And the composition itself has so much soul to it that it moved the entire audience.

Pt. Salil Bhatt is the brain behind the Satvik Veena and legatee to a 500 year old musical legacy. In his career span of 30 years, he has marvelled the audiences across the world and bagged prestigious titles like ‘Tantri Samrat’, ‘Sangeet Ratan’, ‘Swami Haridas Sangeet Samman’ and a ‘Canadian Grammy nomination’. The Manganiars, originating from the communities of Sindh, Pakistan and Rajasthan are famous for their remarkable classical folk music in the country and abroad. Some of their eminent productions are “Rhythm of Rajasthan” (Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall), “Rajasthan Josh Group”, “The Manganiar Seduction – by Roysten Abel”, and “Desert Roots”.

Their nuanced understanding of the sounds of different instruments and the hold over the rhythm is certainly brilliant. The fans of music must listen to this track!