Carnatic music is a synthesis that is mixed with Melakarta ragas and Janya ragas. There is the Exquisite method for learning and performing of raga that is perfectly performed at world music move celebration. Explore the divine performances of Carnatic ragas and talas in dance, drama, devotional poetry & Harikatha. The most astonishing thing yet to know is the utilisation of Carnatic music in movie songs.

Carnatic Raga

Carnatic rāga alludes to rāgas utilised as a part of Carnatic music. A Carnatic raga has a few parts – primordial sound (nāda), a tonal system (swara), pitch (śruti), scale, ornaments (gamaka) and important tones.

Beautiful Composition of Carnatic Raga

The most important thing about Carnatic music are the parent ragas- Janaka ragas or Sampurna ragas, from where other ragas are derived.

Exquisite Ways of Learning and Performing Carnatic Music

Janaka Ragas (Melakarta Ragas)

Sampurna ragas as the name propose are those in which each of the 7 swaras is available. They are additionally called Melakarta ragas. These ragas have every one of the 7 swaras in their scales (stand out of each swara, Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa). Some melakartha ragas are notified: Shankarabharana, Kalyani, Natabhairavi, Nattai, Harikambhoji etc.

Janya Ragas

Janya ragas will be ragas that are gotten from Janaka ragas (Melakarta ragas). They may have fewer than 7 notes in their scales, or have extra notes in them; zig-zag (vakra) notes, asymmetrical scales. Eg of janya ragas are bilahari and hamsadhwani, sriranjani and darbar. Carnatic ragas are more classified as Vakra ragas and Auḍava rāgas. Vakra ragas are janya ragas that have swaras masterminded in a crisscross way.

Exquisite Way of Learning and Performing of Raga

When you are learning a raga, it is insufficient just to know the basic raga. The raga pairs Bhairavi and Manji, Mayamalavagowla and Nadanamakriya, Bilahari and Mand, Shankarabharanam and Kurinji, among others, have the very same scale. Utilisation of gamakas, anya swaras, and ragabhavam. This is particularly valid for heavier ragas like Yadhukula Kambodhi, Thodi, Sahana, Huseni, Varali. Darbar and Nayaki ragas have the similarity between its compositions and the performance. Whereas, both the ragas upanga janyas and mela Kharaharapriya, have similar patterns even performed. Then again, swaras are more stretched in Nayaki, as delineated in the pallavi of Muttusvami Dikshitar’s well-known organisation, Ranganayakam Bhavayeham.

When performing the Carnatic music, the artists always keep some important things as the notes. An ideal approach to take in a raga and record for every one of its nuances, in this way, is to allude to arrangements, which frequently contain an abundance of expressions.

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Raga in Devotional Poetry & Harikatha

The Harikatha custom, which started in the Indian condition of Maharashtra, includes famous narrating consolidated with movie and music. Krishna Bhagavathar, a type of Carnatic music, is in charge of making the South Indian Harikatha style – singing in raga, hitting the dance floor with tala, and describing stories in a way that manage the consideration of the group of onlookers. Essentially, Harikatha is an artistic expression that requires learning of raga, Carnatic music, dance, speech, diction and dramatic technique. Harikatha execution means to speak with non-educated and proficient groups of audiences.

Surely understood Harikatha entertainers had sound information of Carnatic music in the early part of the twentieth century – some were settled Carnatic performers, while others were authors. Today, a couple of entertainers keep this convention alive and use ragas from both Carnatic music and Hindustani music customs.

Carnatic Ragas Use in Dance and Drama

Bharatanatyam is performed to the Carnatic music. Talams of the Carnatic music has imperative impact in the dance show following the artist needs to coordinate the mrudangam and the artist’s beats.

In any Carnatic kutchery the opening is finished with a Varnam where as in a move presentation Varnam comes any longer after Pushpanjali, shabdham and Alarippu. While in a music show, the artist can sing a synthesis in various talas and velocities. The quantity of times even a line is rehashed relies on upon the choreography of the move on the Carnatic music.

Carnatic Raga Used in Movies or Film Song

In the south Indian silver screen, you will discover numerous illustrations where a film tune is made taking into account a Carnatic raga or melody. For the most part, charming ragas like Mohanam, Shankarabharanam, Kalyani and soon discover their way into various film tunes.

Enjoy the melodious rhythms of Carnatic music in Indian movies and it’s a must watch. Enjoy the Carnatic music blissfully screened in these movies: Song Maname Ganamum from the movie Savitri, song Malarnthum Malaratha from the movie Pasamalar, song Gangai Karai Thottam from the movie Vaanampadi and much more.

  • Divyangee Srivastava