Born and nurtured in India for over 2000 years, “Bharatanatyam” is literally the dance of Bharata that bestows an artiste with a liberty to play the plentiful roles in a single act. On 9th June 2016, India Habitat Centre presented few of the most beautiful and vivacious recitals of Bharatanatyam by Keerthana Ravi and Himanshu Srivastava, the disciples of creative artiste Rama Vaidyanathan who is known to explore new vistas in choreography. Rama made the performances captivating through her sensitive showcase of Bharatanatyam’s aesthetics.

Keerthana truly excelled her sequences with her soft facial expressions and graceful execution while Himanshu’s lively footwork and sensible abhinaya were a treat to watch. In addition to the dancers, the evening also saw some talented musicians and technicians at their best, giving ample support to the artistes on stage thus creating an enjoyable and memorable experience. Watch the “Solo Compositions of Rama Vaidyanathan”, and immerse in the moment and the mood of the acts of these passionate dancers.