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Description- After being a part of many national and international festivals here the team is about to celebrate the 150th show. The lead actor has got Mahindra best actor award for the same play in 2010 and this play has the popular performing tradition of ‘Nautanki’ as its backdrop. Till few years ago (and in some parts even today), men adorn the female persona which is passed on from generation to generation. However towards the middle of the previous century, women set foot on this stage. Most of them from the ‘Bedin’ community who are singers and dancers by caste and birth. They perform in festivals and occasions like marriages; however, the stage was a distant dream, it meant dignity as a performer. The tussle between the male accomplished actor and the aspiring woman entrails could not have been an easy one. This is an attempt by two young actors to explore some human dimensions of this phenomenon. The man may exit but the popular female persona that continues to persist.

The male actor must give up his place where the woman steps on the stage to stake her claim to the space hitherto denied to her. Reality invades the notional, non real and the crafted world of image. An era is started in to the truth and inevitability of its closure. The struggle to perpetuate its creative span weaves a yarn of many shades. Transience prevails and each one of us must yield almost as if to the compulsion of death as it which overtakes life in the ultimate chain of recycle. Yet undeniably the pain of displacement is real. Roop Aroop is about that moment that shifts a fleeting span of creative glimpse that nevertheless leaves its mark on times that ensue.

Live singing, dancing, power pack performances and humor all can be seen together on stage.

This musical play is going to be a wonderful experience.


Date- Sat 27 Jan, 05:00 PM

Venue- Shri Ram Centre: Delhi,
4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India