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Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra, Noida  presents Ramayan / Mahabharat performance by Balinese performers of ‘Saraswati Sadhna‘, the dance group of Bali, Indonesia.

RAMAYAN DANCE from BALI ISLANDS (INDONESIA) Bali Island is one of about 18,000 islands of Indonesia. Hindus constitute 1.7% of total population of Indonesia. They are concentrated in Bali Island, where they are about 83% of its population. Adventurous Indians, braving seas and other obstacles had colonised Indonesia in the early the centuries of Christian era. In the course of history, they amalgamated with indigenous Javanese people. Ramayan is truly the epic of Asia. Almost all the countries of the South East Asia have their own versions of Valmiki’s Ramayan. Indonesia too has its own Ramayan called Ramayan Kakawin, written in 9th century A.D

About Saraswati Sadhna:

It is the premier dance institute of Bali. Under the direction of pre-eminent dancer Ni Ketut Shri Lakshmi, Saraswati Sadhna is presenting dance drama based on Ramayan Kakawin. The main storyline follows the Valmiki’s Ramayan with some variations. Hanuman in this version is not celibate. The performance Lord Rama from exile to Ravan-Vadh starts with exile of Ram along with Sita


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