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Description- The Threepenny Opera is a well-known classic play in English. It is a comedy play where Mr. Peachum, the controller of the beggars in the city of London runs the Licensing business for begging. His daughter runs away with infamous hooligan Macheath or Mac the knife. To get the daughter free from the clutch of Mac, Mr. and Mrs. Peachum plays various tricks involving Jenny, a sex worker, to put Mac in jail. Lucy, the daughter of the police officer, Tiger Brown, who is also apparently married to Mac, helps him to run away to be caught again and to be taken for hanging. But at the last moment Mac gets the pardon from the Queen on the occasion of her coronation. It all ends well.


Date- Tue 26 Dec, 07:30 PM

Venue- Shri Ram Centre: Delhi,
4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India