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Description- The 5th edition of Songbird Sessions will feature Delhi based UK Grime/Dance act, Mosko, whose influences range from anime to ballroom waltz. Immersing you in their world of edgy noir backgrounds, they present A Theatre of Discomfort. A world where everything is uncomfortable but nothing hurts. A sojourn of sounds, visuals and experiences. Supporting Mosko is Ditty, the moonlighting artistic alter ego of architect Aditi Veena. Dress Code: Wear Black. **Songbird Sessions is an intimate monthly concert series curated and produced by the folks at Pagal Haina in association with OddBird Theatre. The endeavour is simple, to put the focus firmly back on the artist and the performance. Collaborating with artists from the independent music scene, these sessions aim to break down the barriers between stage and seats, artist and audiences, providing an in-depth exchange and a live music experience like no other.


Date-  APR 11 8:30PM

Venue- OddBird Theatre