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Description- Mumbai based artist Uttam Chapte presents solo exhibition of his paintings | Triveni Gallery | 11:00 am – 8:00pm

Verily has it been said that the mind can make heaven of hell or hell of heaven. An artist seeks to express the truth and beauty inherent in nature in its sublime essence, to give form to the formless. Such ambition and passion is revealed in the work of Mumbai’s most promising artist Uttam Chapte who is no stranger to Delhi’s art lovers. In his new show at Triveni art gallery “Heavenly Earth” he renders his sensual stirrings with joyous abandon and a zestful spirit of exuberant freedom.

Chapte has given free rein to his imagination which takes a flight of fancy and soars like a bird to depict the earthly landscape in heavenly forms and colours. A graduate of Pune’s Abhinav art college, Chapte fulfilled his early promise as a landscapist by winning the prestigious Gondhalekar award. His abstract works in this show are marked by a deep introspective spirit. His flaring and dynamic forms are rendered in a fluid style and throb and pulsate with a primeval energy in strong primary colours which make a striking impact. Chapte excels in his quest to depict the free flowing forms of nature in all their myriad nuances and rhythms. They seem to burst out of his canvas suffused with his inner feelings and concerns. His soulful alchemy of colour is expressed in this show with such an exuberant spirit and vivacity that it is almost musical to behold.

Chapte’s evolution from his early landscape and figurative phase is marked by the rich interplay of the idea of ephemerality and permanence. The juxtaposition of the concrete and the transitory in his art is a fascinating blend which entices the viewer and pulls him into a world of infinite possibilities where nothing is real and everything is within the reach of his fertile imagination. His vivid forms are part of a continuum which rekindles the link between the present and the past. They probe the deepest layers of the sub-conscious to transcend the boundaries of space, time and causality. Freed from the shackles of time, they encompass a whole new universe of visual meaning. They pulsate with a colourful rhythm as they unfold their hidden secrets in a play of memory. Like changing ripples in the stream of consciousness Chapte’s art in his “Heavenly Earth” series kindles our curiosity to know and explore more as we go with him on a journey of self-discovery.


DISCOVERY – Uttam Chapte’s work as a painter is a fascinating quest to explore and express his rustic traditions and concerns in the modern idiom. His art is rooted in his native soil even as he embarks on a journey of self discovery as an abstract expressionist. He fulfilled his early promise as a gifted landscapist by winning the prestigious Gondhalekar award for budding artists. He excelled in portraying the rich diversity of rural life in all its pathos and pleasure in his evocative studies. He showed a fertile imagination in depicting the wide range of human drama in his compelling style as vivid stories on canvas. In his mature phase he is now looking inward as he probes the deepest stirrings of the soul which are a reflection of the shifting moods of nature.

He conjures up shimmering forms full of primal energy which seem ready to burst out of his canvas with a throbbing rhythm and energy. His strong and vivid primary colours flow on his canvas with a life of their own. Each and every colour has its own story to tell giving free expression to the deepest feelings of his being. His creative vision gives them an emotional and spiritual dimension as they flow freely with a grace and lyricism which is pleasing to behold. They seem to express his innermost thoughts and concerns which preoccupy his soul. The viewer comes face to face with himself as the artist goes beyond the veil of ‘Maya’ to reveal the effulgent reality at the very heart and core of our being. Chapte’s blissful canvas resonates with a melodic intensity as it depicts the colourful alchemy of the soul full of the wonder, mystery and joy of creation.


Date- 08TH JAN 2018 – 17TH JAN 2018

Time- 10:00 Am

Venue- Triveni Kala Sangam, 205 Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110001, India.