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Description- We can be intelligent and magnanimous toward others or devoid of any thought,.”Not stupidity but thoughtlessness,” which leads to the “banality of evil.”

I Shardul Shekhar , a student of bachelor’s final year from College of Art , New Delhi , currently working on subjects influenced by our daily social life.

I work with many mediums to explore all the possibilities to express myself. Such as the influence of digital media is just one part that adds to my medium that I use in my daily works. The use of drawing is clearly evident to express the essence of the subject.

My exposure to this mega-city has always created a lot of turmoil within me that helped me to realize my passion to create and redirect my restless creative energy.

I am really fascinated to understand about the nature of human behaviour and the way it resembles to the rawness in the emotions of an animal as well. I believe we as ‘ Humans ’ have just evolved to progress for a cause of social benefit to the society and therefore evolve into better human beings.I am curious about the idea of time and the way it controls over situations in our daily life. It has impacts over all of us and we now moreover tend to function our roles in society like machines .I try to explore the underlying emotions and thoughts within the paroxysm of experience.

The mystery of free will, i.e., why we choose what we choose, creates a constant state of tension that distinguishes the human person from the rest of creation.

How our intelligence and free will, will leads us to goodness, virtue and charity or to evil, vice and self-indulgence, entails constant dynamism, activity and vitality.

The relevance of changing roles and putting up in different characters almost as if changing clothes everyday and not the colours as chameleons do.
We get so used to all of these changes that moreover ultimately a situation of our own Identity crisis arises as we don’t anymore understand much about ourselves.We so often keep on changing our characters that , we almost don’t try to understand people and in this so called practical world where everything works upon the need and demand fulfillment. People no more care about their own identity as in a crowd all of us seem so similar but we need to understand that the emotions control over us in almost the same way but our awareness about it makes us all different. The emotions are now a days merely a byproduct of situations through the channels of life.

The need to act according to the other person has become so important that our self existence tends to move out of the natural course of changes and has become very superficial .Everyday when required as in our scheduled routine of daily life , we keep changing as conveniently as changing clothes and at the end of the day when we stand naked without any clothes then we tend to lean on measures of distractions termed as relaxation.

Each animal has a meaningful significance in our thoughts as psychologist says. We connect to them in terms of certain feelings and emotions that are very pure in it’s original form and when engulfed; it is digested within us to form an hybridised sophisticated behaviour which is accepted in our social life.
People in such a disguise can be really difficult to understand who they are really and their existence . Somewhere in the crowd people often face with this problem of identity crisis .

I have shown through the depiction of skins using them as a flavour of natural emotions . This is my way to depict various amalgamation of characters in any common person.


Date- 25 April To 2 May, 10:00 Am

Venue- Triveni Kala Sangam