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Description- The play uncovers the truth behind the murder of Kamala -a eunuch, through Uma Rao, who uncovers the reality behind the murder of Kamala during working on her research paper.

In a society like ours, only love between a male and a female is acceptable subject to the fulfilment of other conditions. Any other form, be it between the same gender is a taboo.

When eunuchs clap in their practice and ask for money, the windows of the car rolls up to keep them away. Eunuchs are called for to bless new born or new couple while being an eunuch is itself a curse, a life full of venom. When eunuchs sell their body to earn money, it is immoral. But raping a eunuch, abusing them physically or verbally by normal people is ok, irony.

The play presents many issues like plight of eunuchs in the society, mans inability to accept his weakness, the powerful section of the society exploiting the weak, power misused by the influential people.

Through this play Mahesh Dattani tries to hit the dogma and superstitions of Indian society.

This play is going to be a wonderful experience.


Date- Sun 21 Jan, 06:30 PM

Venue- Amphitheatre, India Habitat Center: Delhi,
Lodhi Road, Near Sai Mandir, Delhi, NCR 110003, India