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Description- “Organise a cultural event for Slum Kids ” #Vision and #purpose To provide quality elementary education to all slum children 👶 who are deprived of basic amenities by giving them a platform to bring out the best in them so that they stand independent in life . Events organise by Takshila and Shiv Chandra foundation at Project Why NGO Delhi . #Story# Let’s Educate Children In Need is a non-profit organization aimed at making a change towards the betterment of society by focusing on the education of underprivileged children from slums- not just academic proficiency, but overall holistic development of every child. This iniative was taken by Takshila Coaching Classes & Shiv Chandra Foundation from last two year under the guidance of Mr. Keshav kumar jha (B.Tech ,M.B.A,M.Tech ) and working as Assistant Professor in engineering college and also engineering student from IIT Delhi , IPU of Delhi and UPTU. Beginning of its journey with an enthusiastic team of six volunteers and students from the organization. Our Organization first started their work in the slums at Okhla, R.K Puram, Dakshinpuri over the span of two years. Today, the organization is served by with over 20-25 #Our #Work Apart from providing education to the children, we provide other necessary items also and our volunteers try to counsel the parents in slums regarding the importance of education in today’s world and the prospect of trying to make their children capable of bagging good jobs or creating their own employment opportunities further in life. TCC organizes a number of activities, periodically, in order to incorporate an element of fun in the lives of the children and volunteers. Such activities provide volunteers with a chance to know children better as well as for the children, to find their talent in the best possible manner. #Annual Events Every year, TCC is celebrated children Day and Christmas Day at different NGO. Our first Events were held on 14 Nov 2015 at Project Why NGO, OKHLA Delhi on the occasion of Children Day. It is an annual cultural event which allows volunteers and children from the different slums to celebrate the incredible initiative that led to the foundation of TCC and Shiv Chandra Foundation. It involves a number of cultural activities like singing, dancing, skits, and poem recitations etc., which are specially meant for the children studying under the organization to participate and give them an exposure to stage performances. A minimum of three activities are prepared by every slum. Both, volunteers as well as the children, take part in these activities. An art exhibition is set up at the event, displaying all the paintings, crafts and other articles and items made by the children. It provides a platform to children and to volunteers to showcase their talents on stage. People from other organizations, family members, friends and relatives of children and volunteers are invited for the function. This year a footfall of 200 is expected. Further, students and volunteers are all acknowledged and are given certificates by the chief guest on Farewell every year in month of February. WHY WE NEED FUNDS? Organizing an event as large in scale requires planning, commitment and determination, traits which our volunteers already have. We have ideas and the qualities required to make it a huge success, but to implement our ideas and to put our qualities to work, we require funds like ,Gifts and Certificates for slum, Gallery Set up, Designing and Printing of Banners, Posters, Brochures and Flex, Commutation and Refreshments etc. Not only are we in pursuit of a noble initiative, we have managed to build up enough reputation to provide good coverage for your organization at the event and through our various social media platforms. You can see more of our projects at: https://www.facebook.com/events/303078766855947??ti=ia Decoration and NOTE FOR DONORS: Kindly donate anything cloths or money wholeheartedly for a cause because it is we who can bring a change in the society. Along with our own development in this modern era, it is our duty to uplift those who are deprived of the resources. More you can contact – 8178130689, WhatsApp- 7503278708.


Date- 25 December

Time- 10:00AM

Venue- Okhla, New Delhi Zakir Nagar New Delhi India 110025