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Description : French performance company Transe Express presents The Celestial Carillon.
Since 1987, Transe Express has been working on the maze of the cities, trying to find ways to enter them, playing with their articulations, surprising the passerby, and highlighting privileged spaces. The work is monumental to match the scale imposed by cities; it creates lively images which provoke a confrontation between humans – the audience and the artists – machines and architecture.

Celestial Carillon
Here comes the Bellringer” Celestial carillon, dream maker, musical machine above the clouds :  Celestial Carillon (Maudits Sonnants) is a large-scale aerial and baroque performance. Ensemble of harmonised bells, the carillon is usually placed on a high point to address a city. The orchestra of bell ringers is lifted skywards, with the “Celestial Carillon”. Creating the event within the city, it is heard by several thousand persons without amplification. Manipulated by a telescopic crane, the “musical chandelier” takes different shapes, leading the movements of the suspended musicians. Enhanced by a specific lighting system integrated in the structure, the carillon evokes the childlike nostalgia of the revealed secret when opening a music box whilst assuring the vertigo of a funfair.


Date- 6:30pm on 24th February 2018

Venue-  Auditorium, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), 1, Central Vista (CV) Mess, Janpath, New Delhi-110001