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Description- The 1st Edition of the New Delhi Art Book Fair is to be held for two days in February 2018 in New Delhi tentatively on 24th & 25th February, 2018 at Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts.The New Delhi Art Book Fair is a feast and celebration of visual arts, of architecture, of photography, of design, literature.

The New Delhi Art Book Fair endeavors to unveil, showcase and promote the scrumptious, unique and mysterious world of Indian and foreign Art, Architecture, Photography, Design, Crafts books for the pleasure of illustrated books’ lovers from India and abroad.

The New Delhi Art Book Fair will be a yearly Haveli of Wonders and tribute to India’s mesmerizing 5000-year reservoir and storyline of mythological narratives, of modern fictions, of art, of sculptures, of photographs all contained in beautiful monographs, Art catalogues, Journals, Magazines, Fanzines…

The New Delhi Art Book Fair welcomes all actors of Indian Arts –artists, photographers, architects, designers, illustrators, gallery owners, agents, members of institutions, booksellers, antiquarians, librarians- and invites them to meet and interact constructively with the world of Indian and foreign –large or small, independent or not- art book publishers.

And we welcome and invite international small and large presses to delve into the mesmerizing aesthetics of India so as to source ideas in order to better showcase in wondrous books the wonders of Kajuraho, of the Adivasi, of Indian textiles from Kashmir to the North-East, of Indian cinema from Kolkata to Mumbai’s Bollywood scene, of India’s mad megalopolises, of India’s colorful and serene Himalayas, of India’s youth and changes…

Date- Sat, 24 Feb 12:00AM – Sun, 25 Feb 7:00PM

 Venue- Indira Gandhi National Centre For The Arts 1, C. V. Mess, Janpath, Rajpath Area, Central Secretariat, New Delhi, Delhi 110001