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Description- Swan Lake is the most beloved and quintessential classical ballet. It is a timeless story of good versus evil. From the first yearning bars of Tchaikovskys score, it beckons you to another world, with its bewitched swan queen, doomed prince, glittering villainess and drifts of white tutus. Beautifully crafted and sensually romantic, it is simply stunning. Adored by audiences for over a hundred years, Swan Lake is the most famous ballet in the world.

The sublime transcendence of choreography that has been passed down generations after generations is unmatched, and the music of Tchaikovsky is never more attuned to the struggles of the heart than in this poignant work. The twinned role of the radiant white swan and the scheming, duplicitous black swan tests the full range of a ballerinas powers. A truly international troupe of dancers will create esmerisingly elegant swans.

Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky(1840-1893) was the leading exponent of 19th Century Romanticism in its characteristically Russian mould, which owed as much to the French, Italian, and German traditions. Any attempt to proclaim a single masterpiece of any genre of music as the greatest, or the most influential, or even the most enjoyable is generally meaningless. Yet when it comes to ballet music, all three superlatives tend to coalesce around one work above all others Peter Ilyich Tchaikovskys Swan Lake. The practice of the time was for a composer to closely tailor a ballet score to a detailed scenario. In this instance, he had little direct guidance from the authors and was left largely to his imagination. As a result, the music was structured in broad gestures and treated rather in the manner of a symphony.

Tchaikovskys innovations were too complex and ahead of times to find initial acceptance and success. It took a lot of understanding over the years to appreciate the complex musical composition and choreograph dance sequences accordingly. The music went much beyond mere accompaniment and support, and has immense melodic and psychological depths.


Date- 29 To 1 April

Time- 2:30 Pm

Venue- JNL Stadium