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“Dukh Draupadī Ka”

Exhibition: 10.30 am – 9.00 pm

Welcome Tea : 5.30 pm

Kathak Dance Drama : 6.15 pm

Interactive Session with Distinguished Guests: 7.30 pm

Who is Draupadi?

Our Culture celebrates women in so many hues, and this celebration will become more powerful and nostalgic as we prepare for the auspicious celebration of our ‘nari shāktī’ during Navratra from 21st September, and then welcome Maa Durga, during Durga Puja. We, at Draupadi Dream Trust, promote heritage and celebrate women power by spreading awareness about the true nature and circumstances about Draupadī, about whom our Hon’ble Prime Minister writes to us as – “Draupadī is portrayed as a symbol of dignity and self-respect (…) proved the power of faith.”, and the socialist, late Shri Ram Manohar Lohia had said – “ If I have to choose between Draupadī and Sītā, I would always choose Draupadī as the ideal woman”
As per our books “Kāmpilyamahātmya”, Draupadī is Kāmpilvasini and re-incarnation of Pārvatī. Our interest and understanding of the iconic personality comes from our good fortune of having century’s old links to Kāmpilya, the capital of Pañcāla Mahajanapada, and place of Draupadī’s birth and marriage. Besides creating awareness of the history of Vedic and Mahābhārata period, we are also bringing out the personalities that shaped it and suffered for the cause of ‘Dharma’ and for maintaining principles of gender respect and parity. Draupadi Dream Trust is working for 15 years on creating a better understanding and appreciation of our Cultural Heritage, status of women, with focus on Vedic and Mahabharata period.

Date – 13 October

Time – 5:30 pm Onward

Venue – India Heritage Centre No.40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi,110003

Entry – Free