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Description- A young schoolgirl is relishing her new-found stardom amongst peers and teachers ever since she suddenly and mysteriously starts writing beautiful poetry. She wins accolades and respect owing to her new talent, in the whole school and even at home.

What no one knows is that it is not her but a magical red pencil that she found in the class that’s writing the poetry. The constant struggle between truth and falsehood, love and hate, and the pain of keeping a secret lead up to the girl’s final decision.

Pinki – Rachana Agrawal
Roma – Suchitra Upreti
Teacher – Gaurav Gautam
Pratiyush – Niteesh Taragi
Dr. Ramesh – Ashutosh
Laal Pencil – Ayush Chhabra
Nandu – Pritpal Singh
Bhuvan – Amartya Parjapati
Deepak – Royal
Chapdasi – Dhananjay Kumar Yadav
Pawan – Siddharth Sehwag
Sonu – Ershad
Nitin – Vinod Gupta
Ramesh – Ashutosh Gaur.


Date-  28 Mar, 03:00 PM

Venue- Alliance Francaise: Delhi,
72, Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, Delhi, NCR 110003, India