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Description- Ravi and Charkha are searching a house in Delhi on rent but nobody is ready to accept them as they are unmarried. At last they give a false statement to their house owner Ms. Dicausta that Ravi is a married person and his wife will join him after two-three days. After a long one month, they fail to show any wife to Ms. Dicausta, so she gives notice to them to vacate her house within 2 days. But now enters Ishwar, a Ramlila Actor (who has performed six times the character of Sita in the Ramlila of his village) and this gives them some hope. They make Ishwar ready to do the acting of his wife Ashvarya for Ms. Dicausta. After that Dilbagh Singh (a film producer) presses him/her to act with him in his film. Shyam Sunder (Father of Ravi) is coming to see the wife of his son Ravi and finds himself in love with Ms. Dicausta. Shikha and Shekhar also come from their village for their marriage. One day Ishwar/Aishvarya gets news that he/she is going to become a mother. You can enjoy many more comical situations in Rajesh Tripathi’s famous comedy drama J u G a A d under the direction of Dinesh Ahlawat.


Date- 2 Mar 5:00PM

Venue- L T G Auditorium