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Description – Interactive Sessions: An Agenda for Crafting Lives (11 AM to 1 PM)
* One World: One Crafts? Craft beyond language, ethnicity, race, religion, nations, and gender?

* Art of Dyeing: Will Scarcity of water affect textile clusters?

* Lost embroidered tradition: Does ageing population of Craftsman will bring an end to such finest work?

* Fined Art: Is there any crafts funding at all?

* Copy Right! Shall Artisan get their due in the age of IPR & imitation?

* Craft Awards: Net asset or a Liability?

* Is it time to get rid of Crafts Documentation from curriculum?

* Who should value crafts: Individual, Market or Governments?

* Shall Craft Education be mandatory for everyone?

* If European crafts are considered luxury, why not Indian crafts?


* Dr. Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi, President, World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region

* Padmashri Laila Tyabji, Founder, Dastkar & legendary craft activist,

* Padmashri Shakir Ali, Master Artist Rajasthan Miniature Paintings,

* Dr. Himadri Ghosh, Director, BID and former academic head NID, Ahmedabad,

* Erroll Pires Nelson, Master of Camel Braiding and Former Faculty, NID, Ahmedabad,

* Manisha Jha, Brand Ambassador of Sante Fe Tribal Art festival, USA & the National Award Winner,

* J. Niranjan, President, Paramparik Karigar & Nantong International Award Winner,

* Dr. Fatina Saiklay, Founder and Director of Co-Creando & Sustainable Ideas Lab, Milan, Italy,

* Prof. (Dr.) Aftab Gharda, Academic Coordinator, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University, United Kingdom,

* Iti Tyagi, Founder, Craft Village

* Somesh Singh, Co-founder, Craft Village and Former Apparel Head, NID, Ahmedabad

* Alan Saga, International Award Winning Mexican Designer

* Cynthia Mejares, International Award Winning Mexican Designer & Many other panelists

Craft Workshops on 2nd International Craft Day (2-5 PM)
Jugaad by Shyam Kumar (NID Graduate): Product Making workshops using the tradition of recyclying& reuse. Most of the world is struggling with over consumption and anti-dumping, in such a scenario innovative ideas can make “best out of waste”. It also enables thought the process to consume responsibly while enabling creative thinking and being innovative.

Devnagiri by Inku Kumar (renowned calligrapher): Calligraphy techniques of the universal Script. The Devanagari script is used for over 120 languages, making it one of the most used and adopted writing systems in the world; the workshop would help participants to explore self-expression, and improving hand writing skills.

Language of Clay by Shivbhadra (renowned potter): Clay and Pottery workshop, making clay and pottery products. Hands on exploration will help participants to go tactile & explore clay as a medium like never before. It also enables 3-d thinking and understanding of clay in an unconventional manner. “Crafting Strategy” by Harvard Business Review compared potter with CEO’s of the company, and how potters can help learn many things that are important for decision making.

Patachitra Paintings by Shrimanta Das (Orissa dynastical artist): Learn traditional Painting from Raghurajpur, Orissa by needle on Palm Leaves & Canvas by means of etched drawings (Chitras). These forms have very high moral value, (Pata meaning canvas, and Chitra meaning picture). This particular art form has fascinating stories and narratives of epical folklore.
It also helps in learning “Art of Restoration” either by rolling cloth or folding Palm fan leaves for carriage, restoration.

Madhubani by Mithila Painters: Workshop on Bharni, Kachhni & Godna techniques. Originally started with the marriage of Sita, Mithila paintings (also known as Madhubani) have been celebrated across the world. Mithila painting or Bhitti Chitra was discovered in 1934 when a massive earthquake hit Bihar. Interestingly, Pupul Jayakar told Indira Gandhi that Picasso has been to Bihar and he has done paintings that have been found, they were actually Madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings prevent deforestation as artists painted Hindu deities on Trees, restraining people from cutting. This Craft beyond giving a perspective into history and culture would help participants to explore the layers of a society and understand them into a broader context.

Traditional Food (11-7PM)

A range of cuisines from North to South, East to West bringing authentic flavors of Indian traditional & cultural food.

Folk Dance & Music (5-7PM)

Swirling Sandunes-Traditional Dance of Rajasthan: Kalbeliya Dance, Bhavai dance & Ghoomar by Kalbeli & Jogi Community of Rajasthan, the original community that has been practicing these Dance Forms for last 1000 years.

Desert Heartbeat-Rajasthani Folk Song & Music by Latif Khan: He & his family belong to Manganiar Community who sung Folk songs for last 700-years.

Folk & Traditional Art Exhibition (11-7PM)

“Timeless Treasures” Exhibition of Indian & World Crafts; by witnessing most astounding and breath-taking work of world masters & craft legends, you have never seen before!

The Art of Finesse: Miniature Paintings by Padmashri Shakir Ali

Epic of Pabuji: Phad Paintings by Padmashri Shreelal Joshi & Kalyan Joshi

Mystical Kalamkari by Padmashri Gurappa Chetty

Magic Weaving: Ikat by Padmashri Gajam Govardhan

The etched soul- Patchitra by Shilp Guru Gangadhar Maharana,

The Desi Picasso’s: Madhubani Paintings by Icon of Sante Fe, Manisha Jha

Seamless: Camel Braiding by World Legend Erroll Pires Nelson

The running tales: Kantha by Mahamaya Sikdar, National Award Winner & President Gold Medalist

London Diaries: Gond Tribal Art by World famous Bhajju Shyam

From the Valleys of Chamba: Embroidered Rumaal Tradition by Shilpguru Lalita Vakil

Terracotta, Crochet, Kantha, Phulkari, Warli Paintings, Mata Ni Pachedi, Ajrakh, Dabu & Indigo, Zardozi & Aari Embroidery: World of Wonders, Mutva Mud Work, Patch & Quilt Work and much more.

Award Winning Exhibition (11-7PM): An exhibition of rare work on theme “Craft beyond Borders” by Artisans and Master Craftsman, Winners of International Craft Awards 2017.

Craft Product Exhibition (11-7PM) by Craftprenuers of India, young and established designers, organizations and NGOs working with craftsman and craft sector.

Entry Terms: All the entry to international craft village is by prior registrations only (and the passes once bought cannot be canceled and are non-transferrable).

Entry Charges: Rs 500/- (per person) in case of students/bulk registrations more than 50, the entry charges would be Rs 350/- (per person)

Craft/Design Workshops: Rs 1000/- (per participant and including material), No discounts on any workshops as a policy (minimum age for participation is 13-years).

Note: Craft Village reserves the right to amend, cancel or add existing or new programs as and when required to fit the spirit of International Craft Day 2017.

For More Info: https://goo.gl/F8dY2g

Date – 15 October,

Time – 9:00 am Onwards

Venue – Craft Village 19B , Shivji Marg, Westend Green Farms, Rangpuri, New Delhi, Delhi-NCR, India

Contact – Abhishek Chouhan – 09910754364