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Lets color our spirits with joy, play and laughter.

Immerse yourself in a cloud of rainbow colors.

Dance to Ecstatic Dhol Beats

Move to  Live Sufi Folk Music by Manganiyars.

Engage in fun group activities: Musical Chairs, Hit the Pot, Dog and the Bone.


Feast on organic traditional Festive Fare!

Come and Celebrate Holi with us at Zorba the Buddha!

  • We recommend you to wear white so you can flaunt all the colors of love you receive.
  • Prior registration is required to attend.
  • This is an alcohol free celebration.
  • Natural organic colors will be provided to play with, so please do not bring your own.
  • This is a private gathering. Please do not list it in the media.

Contact : +91 9250361909, +91 9958067997
Email : awake@zorbathebuddha.org, rhythm@zorbathebuddha.org