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Description- Habitus can be understood as a system in which individuals perceive, respond to, and understand the social fabric through their initiation into the world via their experiences and actions. The series of works that are part of Habitus utilise form itself in an attempt to represent the multitudinal experiences of femininity and personhood as an interface between the interior and the exterior. It serves as symbolic dialogues between body and nature, representing the tension that the self constantly finds itself in. The works are visual repositories in which organic forms depict growth and multiplicity; the dots depict force of life or vulnerability of decay; the interwoven lines and patterns projects the surfacing eruptions; and the dome-like structure becomes symbolic of abundance and scarcity that gets enclosed in it. Consequently, these elements become synonymous representations of the self in the habitus.


Date- 24TH MARCH – 3RD APRIL 2018

Time- 10:00 Am
Venue- Triveni Kala Sangam