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Description- Gandharva is cursed by Indra to become a donkey and live on the earth in the household of a kumhaar. When he admits his mistake and begs pardon, Indra tells him that on earth he, in the disguise of a donkey will marry a princess and only then he will be freed from this curse. The Kumhaar is happy to have a new donkey with him, but in the course of time faces so many funny situations which make him realize the hollowness of life. A king Satyadharm Verma (a politician) makes an announcement to gain popularity with the public, that ‘if anybody will make a bridge from Raj Mahal to Kumhaar Wara (Basti of Poor) in one night (finish the difference between poor & rich in the state), he can marry his daughter Raj Kumari Satya Wati.

A donkey has ended the above difference with the making of a bridge from Raj Mahal to Kumhaar Wara (Basti of Poor) in one night. Will Gadhe ki baraat reach the Raj Mahal? Will Raj Kumari marry with Gadha? What will happen after the marriage of the donkey with Raj Kumari ? To find answers to all your questions, enjoy the famous marathi Super-Hit Comedy Play in Hindi Gadhe Ki Baraat.

Date- 28 April, 4:00 Pm
Venue- Shri Ram Centre: Delhi,
4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India