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Description- Inspired by the curious cases of ‘Johatsu’ or ‘The Evaporated People’ of Japan, “Fly by Night’, is an attempt to understand the phenomenon of disappearance by choice. When the promise of career, financial stability, satisfying personal relationships or a social life come crumbling down, for some there’s an alternative route. But it involves dropping off the map; leaving behind loved ones, memories and carefully constructed lives, only to be restarted in undisclosed locations with uncertain futures. And since we live in times where there’s a service for everything, a tiny cafe run by a certain, flamboyant Aunty, responds to the need of the hour with a band of twilight movers. With a range of quirky characters, the play looks at the dilemma of the people disappearing and those left behind through the lens of tragic-comedy . Featuring Puja Sarup, Sheena Khalid, Neil Bhoopalum, Samridhi Dewan, Dheer Hira and Mukti Mohan Directed by Rachel D’souza and Puja Sarup.


Date-  APR 6 7:30PM – APR 7

Venue- OddBird Theatre