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Event Description : EXHIBITION : Anu Bajaj, Director of Gallery Art Positive presents ‘Expressions’ a literal reference to internal and external interface of human desire in diverse modes.
Gallery Art Positive invites you to a one-of-a-kind art exhibition called ‘Expressions’. The exhibition is a fascinating journey into the inner world of seven Indian contemporary artists who have expressed themselves through mythology, human relationships, semi realistic figure and three dimensional sculptures. The texture, layering and the colour scheme used will leave you enchanted. The artists come from different cultures and backgrounds, hence the paintings are diverse yet connected by a central theme.

The exhibition features works of acclaimed contemporary artists- Asit Kumar Patnaik, Bratin Khan, Surita Tandon, Kamar Alam, Ramesh Gorjala, Shampa Sircar Das and Shubhra Das. Their art form generates a visual reciprocal relation between the artist, the art-form and the viewer.

The title ‘Expressions’ a literal reference to internal and external interface of human desire in diverse modes of expression. Significantly, artist brings his own language of expression through varied forms of lines and colour. This edition of Expressions will explore and establish creative dialogue so that the self and the other can meet.

Anu Bajaj, Director of Gallery Art Positive says, ” This is a special exhibition of all the artists who have been closely associated with the gallery since it’s inception. All their works, their expression of the world around them , be it as an energy or the female principle, or a strong powerful woman who stands alone among men denoting women empowerment , or the works which talk about the supremacy of God or nature strike a chord within us. This is the ethos of the exhibition, a showcase of their cumulative expression of the reality the way they see it.”

For instance, Asit Kumar Patnaik’s communicates his observations on various aspects of human relationships through subtle variations in the positions, the gestures and gaze that his semi realistic figures portray against abstract background unsettling the conventional distinction between reality and abstraction.

On the other hand, Bratin Khan’s work has a strong influence of poetic rendering. The curvaceous figures from Indian mythology often surrounded by nature marked for its beauty and balanced compositions.

Artist, Kamar Alam’s artwork reflects the supremacy of God in a single form, empowering us to inculcate the belief, desire and acceptance of constant change in one ideology to other. His series of work narrates the turmoil through transition of facial and bodily expression.

Ramesh Gorjala, introduces us to the potential in his strong figurative lines in detailed mythological portrayals of Indian Gods and Goddess. He mixes multiple figures in his unique style in an integrated subject, giving a combined and a big protagonist character to Hindu God and Goddess.

One can see the mention of female principle in the work of artist
Shampa Sircar Das’s as an idea or an energy denoting or idealizing different virtue or facets of human nature through Durga which glorifies or denotes courage or valiance, Sarawati – goddess of learning and Laxmi- the goddess of wealth. Her work aspires to reach the innate Devi that is a woman.
Shubhra Das’s artwork is an expression of her momentary feelings in relation to geometrical and natural forms. It is an overlapping of human emotions and visual appearance. The images are an outcome of sensitivities, developed through childhood memories and experiences. Nature plays a very important role as the nurturer and destroyer to create an enduring experience in her works.
Surita Tandon known for challenging the traditions of fine art in India by incorporating images of popular culture on canvas explores her edgy artistic vision by incorporating 3D sculptures and embellishments on canvas. Her line of works is an eye-catching statement designed to be affordable yet chic.

Date 25 september – 31 october (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)
Time – 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue – Gallery Art Positive, F-213/B, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi – 110030
Entry – Free