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Description-  EXHIBITION “Yūjō यूजो” a solo show of images by Ashok Ahuja

This show is born of my friendship with Japan and its people. It is a reflection of my deep appreciation of their  culture and thought, leading to an engagement with Japanese arts, crafts, poetry and philosophy—not to forget,  technology.
In trying to understand different cultures, it soon becomes obvious that one’s own reality always seems familiar:  photographic. That of the other, is pieced together from fragments of experience and information, and is  invariably ‘constructed’. Nevertheless, it is hard to miss the correspondence between Indian and Japanese  cultures with their roots dug deeply into the past even as they both eagerly embrace the future.
The three groups of images in this show refer to an earlier time but their context is contemporary. One string  recreates a street in Tokyo, where the shutters of the shops have been painted with images of Japanese life of  an earlier era. Every evening when the shutters are closed, the flat images merge with their surroundings to  acquire more than just another spatial dimension as the past and present come together in the same frame.
This keeping alive of the past in the present is also a function of festivals. It is evident in the collection of  subjective impressions shown here from the summer festival of Nebuta in Aomori, in northern Japan, with its  large floats depicting brave warrior-figures battling demonic forces in narratives drawn from a whole range of  sources including myths and folk tales. It bears a relationship of theme, form and process, with the towering  effigies of the demon king Ravana erected during the Dussehra festival in northern India. In both these  instances, the festive intent overrides the ferociousness and despicable nature of even the most odious  characters transforming them into beautiful, sometimes lovable, forms and objects.
All three groups here presented, are the ‘people’s art’. This show is intended to be a simple, straightforward,  accessible document of the creative expression of people, that is shaped and determined by them, addressed to  each and every person in the collective open space that belongs to all. This art ‘of the people’ evolves through  repetition, year after year, adapting to, yet challenging a fast changing world. It represents the people’s  participation in the continuum, which is the very celebration of life itself.
-Ashok Ahuja

Supported by Gallery Espace

Date- 24th November to 23rd December (Closed on Sundays)

Time- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Venue-  Tenshin Okakura Gallery, The Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi – 110024

Entry : Free