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The Concept: It draws inspiration from Karl Marx’s seminal text ‘A Worker’s Inquiry’ written in 1880 to facilitate militant research into the seemingly transient and unstable modes of organisation of labour in India. Though Marx’s methodology has been revised and adapted to specific contexts, this text continues to shape our understanding of the nature of labour and the condition of the working class.

This exhibition will feature installations, live-performances, artworks, etc. jointly created by the participants over the past few months. Through this project Future Collaborations endeavours to shape a practice of knowledge production that seeks to examine and bridge the lacuna between practice and theory in order to transform the white cube space into a location for debate, inquiry, and reflection. This approach also draws its inspiration from recent feminist curatorial interventions that seek to transform a static exhibition into an emotional and discursive space, which serves as a laboratory for emerging knowledge.


  • Aditi Angiras
  • Anupam Saikia
  • B. Ajay Sharma
  • Balagopalan Bethur
  • Murari Jha
  • M.R. Vishnu Prasad
  • Nikita Maheshwary

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For any clarification/ doubt, please do not hesitate to write back to us.

The exhibition goes on till 31st December 2016, Mon-Fri 9:30 am – 17:30 pm

  • Day & Date: 19th November 2016
  • Starting Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Location: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre
  • Entry: Free (upon presentation of a valid photo ID card)