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Description- Relationship between humans as a family or society and relatlonship wlth nature plays the great role ln llfe. Artlst Kamlnl Baghel always exploring that relatlonshrp In her palntlngs; Mother and ehlld, man and woman, lriends all emerge as a symbol of relatlpnshlp whldl ls the pnmary source of elegante of hte. She palms common women (omes from small towns and villages. strnplrelty or form and elegance of [le reflexed in colors and textures whlch creates an anraninn in her palntlngs, Sume of her palntlhgs have an abstract quellty when she creates abstract or semi-abstract figures against the realistic llgures, which are gives the effect an lllusloh and mystery Kamini’s palnllngs an not only depicts a real subject but can also reflect the cultural values of our tlme, especially when she portrays the woman’s llle. ‘Fill of hope’, ‘lhoughls’, ‘allracliorl’, ’atmosphere’ ‘gossip’ are the some 0! her tltles whlch are symbnlltal representatlpn of current culture.


Date- 14 To 23 April, 10:00 Am

Venue- Triveni Kala Sangam