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This dance presentation offers an understanding of the controversial lives of Devadasi’s, who were temple dancers of ancient India, and were ‘ritually wedded ‘ to the Lord. Originally held in high esteem, their status degenerated to a point where temple dancing was legally banned and they were forced into oblivion. But a dance that enriches the soul and uplifts the spirits, could not be held back. The Devadasi’s were eventually able to reinstate their divine art.

Concept, script and choreography : Jyotsna Shourie

Music by O.S Arun and Sudha Raghuraman

Dancers : Nandita Kalaan Mehra, Aneesha Grover, Amrita Sivakumar, Shreyasi Gopinath, Himanshu Srivastava, Aadya Jain and Jyotsna Shourie.

Entry : Free