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Description- Welcome to the DELHI WALK FESTIVAL! Put on your walking shoes – and join us. Choose from Nature Walks, Ecology walks, Design Walks, Photography Walks, Alternative and Experimental Walks, Culture Walks, Heritage Walks, Art Walks, Music Walks and Food Walks. Discover a city that is brimming with experiences that are rich, diverse, vibrant, inclusive, unique and unforgettable. ABOUT THE WALK: WHERE THE ARTISTS ARE BORN! A walk around the cultural spaces of Mandi House Mandi House was the former residence of Raja of Mandi in Delhi. When the estate was sold and divided, the palace was demolished to make way for modern buildings. It is remarkable to think then, as if with some invisible patronage, the space has turned into the cultural hub of Delhi.This walk is centered around this cultural hub of Delhi’s Mandi House, where the morning begins with the sounds of the flute, nattuvangam and pakhawaj, jamming together at Triveni Kala Sangam. The evening bears witness to many budding actors rehearsing in the central roundabout and the night concludes with the who’s who of India’s cultural scene making an appearance at Kamani. Centered around the roundabout, this area is home to various cultural institutes which were constructed in the late 50s and early 60s. Each institution has a history of its own, and is replete with remarkable architecture, providing an apt thinking and breathing space to the artists. Our walk will cover the important buildings in this area. From the dance studios and art galleries of Triveni Kala Sangam, to the buzzing energy of Shri Ram Centre, we will walk towards the National School of Drama and bask in the many histories of the School displayed in its foyer and then head towards Akademis on the Copernicus Marg and further down. This walk is designed as a performance experienced by the walk- guide through her weekly meanderings in the space which once in a while overturns its own performativity and politics. ABOUT THE WALK PARTNER: Aastha Gandhi is a dancer, who has been exploring and learning the Odissi dance form at Triveni Kala Sangam since 2000. She is pursuing her PhD in Performance Studies from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Born and brought up in Delhi her deep love for the city has only grown over the years and she is often found queuing in by-lanes of Mandi House to catch a glimpse of her favourite artists or rummaging through the books in the libraries. . A compulsive multi-tasker, she is a practicing lawyer. She is determined to initiate more people into the art and cultural world of Delhi. MEETING POINT: MANDI HOUSE METRO STATION, HIMACHAL BHAWAN EXIT. Limited Walkers Only! Book your tickets at: https://insider.in/where-the-artists-are-born-november-11/event 


Date- 11 November

Time- 3:30 Pm

Venue- Mandi House Metro Station New Delhi India 110001

Entry- For Tickets / Book My Show