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Description- This is a play about a couple’s relationships and their ups and downs portrayed in a comic manner. Happy Lovey Dovy couple, Sanjana and Avinash, are living together for the past 5 years since their marriage. School time love culminated into a beautiful relationship of marriage. Both are well placed software engineers, at least Sanjana is, Avinash, Aah, can’t say! Everything between them was just good and happy, aah yes, except some points which were points of debate, like job or business, brinjal or chicken, and more and more and more. But real trouble brews as Avinash and Sanjana move apart and are on the verge of a divorce. This comic play is going to be a great experience.


Date- 24 Feb 6:00PM

Venue- Lok Kala Manch Lok Kala Manch 20, Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodi Road Institutional Area, Lodhi Colony New Delhi, Delhi 110003