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Description – CHITRALEKHA is a story of sin, virtue and love. Set in the Mauryan period, Chitralekha, a dancer with great beauty and intellect is an empowered woman, materialistic, large heated  and honest to the core. She firmly holds the reins of her own life and does not let societal pressure influence her. It is a love story of a young Samant Beejgupta, a young hermit Kumargiri and the beautiful dancer Chitralekha that takes you to a philosophical ride of life’s many twists and turns and how each one of them becomes victim of their circumstances. Based on Bhagwati Charan Varma’s acclaimed Hindi novel Chitralekha written in 1934 about the philosophy of life and love, sin and virtue which is applicable even in today’s time. A classical presentation of art, drama, dance and original music compositions.

Date – 23 September
Time – 7:00 pm
Venue – Little Theater Group Auditorium 1, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House Opp. Doordarshan Bhavan , Near Connaught Place, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi 110001
Entry– 200/-