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Description- Depicting lives of everyday mortals Log Baag reveals myriad of moods, class distinctions and various shades of mind and attitude. A play with eight short stories of Chekhov woven together, each individually depicting a slice of life. Yet, the common thread that binds them together is the essential conflict between ‘What should be’ and ‘What is’ and also the typical Chekhovian end that undercuts each story as a very first last moment.

The stories can be seen as seemingly transparently simple yet with great subtlety Chekhov undercuts mammoth institutions like bureaucracy, parenting, marriage, medicine…yet at the same time Chekhov goes behind social institutions and with great sensitivity reveals glimpses of human emotions of insecurity, namelessness, confusion, pain…

The playwright Neil Simen has brilliantly selected the short stories such that each one depicts the complex facets of the writer in the play. The writer’s conflict at penning down his experiences as stories, itself is an organic story in the play.

This play is going to be a wonderful experience


Date- Sat 20 Jan, 12:00 PM

Venue- Shri Ram Centre: Delhi,
4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India