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Description- Shoonya theatre group presents its first theatre production Ashad Ka Ek Din By Mohan Rakesh on his 93rd birthday. Ashad Ka Ek Din: Rain has a variety of effects on the humans on which it falls. Some get a ray of hope for a new beginning and some feel the end of beautiful beginnings. Some people receive the rain droplets as tears of joy and some get a cover to hide away the flow of their sorrowful tears. On one such rainy day, all these various emotions interspersed and immersed themselves in Kalidasa and Mallika, two beautiful souls who were the epitome of a platonic relationship.

Kalidasa doesn’t want to leave his village and his inspiration Mallika, for future pursuits. Mallika was herself in deep sorrow but persuades Kalidasa to go away and exhibit his skills in the kingdom court. She was fearful of her own bereavement but instead sacrificed her pleasures for the elevation of Kalidasa. Indeed it elevated Kalidasa but her sacrifice elevated herself to a pedestal which is out of reach for any materialistic comforts. Seasons pass away, and Mallika’s existence is bittered by her mother Ambika and Vilom, who seizes the opportunity to disgrace this pious relationship.

The wheel of time keeps spinning and Kalidasa attains all the glory which a court poet could imagine but his heart keeps searching for Mallika in all his literary endeavours whether it was Abhigyan Shakuntalam or Meghdoot. On one such rainy day again, Kalidasa meets Mallika and again the weather starts its play. The unrest outside is reflected inside of their minds. Both explain to each other that how their souls are still entangled with each other.

Rain has distinct effects on different people. On one such rainy day, when Kalidasa and Mallika met again, it seemed as the skies were themselves crying from the pain from the detachment of these two souls. Thus this was the day when the rain didn’t affect the humans, but the melancholia of these two affected the rain.

This drama play is going to be a wonderful experience.


Date- Mon 08 Jan, 06:00 PM

Venue- Akshara Theatre: Delhi,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Near Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi, NCR 110001, India