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Description – EXHIBITION “Let 100 flowers bloom” a solo show by artist Binoy Varghese.

Palette Art Gallery presents a solo show of Binoy Varghese who is known for photo realist compositions that combine human faces and natural flora and lush tropical trees and plants.

This show entitled ‘Let a 100 flowers bloom’ titled after a famous Chinese proverb is a suite of 16 canvasses that celebrate the ethos of all communities ultimately being one even though we are defined and divided by geographical and climatic boundaries and wealth.
The show becomes a study of the power of figurative works for the essence of beauty, sunlight and silence that stream out from the canvasses of Binoy Verghese .
Figurative forms come with ease and elegance as he creates a sonata of feminine grace within which rests the cradle and crucible of agony and pain that co exists in the lives of people the world over in a climate of great terror and avarice and hatred. People and places, different castes and creed everything combines into a confluence of communities that celebrate above all the beauty of the human spirit.
Binoy’s most important work is a study of musicians in Hanoi Vietnam. A work that gives us the feeling of nocturnes and the dance of puppets it is a symbol of how Binoy creates pictorial themes out of his travels. The most important work in this suite is this triptych that echoes the nocturnal nuances of a water puppet dance in Hanoi in Vietnam.
“The traditional live orchestra and the singers all dressed in their beautiful attire is what fascinated me. I took photographs of this scene,I came back and translated these photo realist images on to canvas. Yes when I create a composition my choice of colours and the expression on the faces ,the materials of their clothes and  vibrant palette that I see becomes important and vital.” – says Binoy
Date – 7 October to 4 November
Time – 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, (Sundays and holidays closed)
Venue –  Palette Art Gallery, 14, Golf Links, New Delh
Entry – Free