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Description- Art is not just in the museums and galleries. It is everywhere. The most common way to visualize and enjoy art is not through the paintings displayed in museums, it is through the complex life that surrounds us and the colors that fall imperfectly on the canvas creating perfect moments.

For as long as civilizations have existed, art has been ever-present. It has been a part of our diverse cultures responsible for shaping our ideas and giving us a better understanding of the most complex of minds.

There is way more to art than just paintings displaying in the museums. And that much-more is perfectly brought alive by Manavi Prabha; year after year; painting after painting; art after art.

One of the leading and most respected Indian Female Contemporary Artists today, Manavi Prabhas started painting and drawing at a very early stage. She got influenced by the cult work of Archies Comics. Her passion for art took her through formal education in Art which started with a Bachelor Degree in Art in 95 and Masters in 98. With her acclaimed work on Child Art and Its Importance, she completed her Ph.D. while training professionally.

After a series of exhibitions and art displays throughout the country, she is back with her latest painting exhibition in Delhi, The Conscious Me. The series focuses on how art is everywhere and how people fail to realize its presence around them; how people skip art while they hop from one hurried moment to another.

The oil paintings and her personal work will be displayed on 15th February at Lalit Kala Akademi. For more information about the artist, her accolades, and her previous work.


Date- Thu, 15 Feb 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Venue- Lalit Kala AkademiRabindra Bhavan,35, Ferozeshah Road,New Delhi-110001