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Description- That which is not tangible is abstract. (Shabdakalpadrumah) That which is not seen by eyes or experienced by other senses is abstract.
How can any artwork or painting be abstract? It may not have known form or color; it is tangible on the canvas. Entire world is tangible, what then is abstract in it?

I give sentence for her to make appearance,She leaves space for me to submerge…
(‘Wah’, Udayan Vajpeyi,trans.by the poet)

There lies a space between word and meaning. Is abstraction there? Is it primarily a figure of language?

Do the paintings of Anil Gayakwad give birth to thoughts in your minds? There lies the mystery of their abstraction.

Date- 15 To 24 January
Time- 10:00 Am
Venue- Shridharani Gallery , Triveni Kala Sangam