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Description- In this journey…..
A journey from realty to artificial. In the cross –section of rural landscape to cityscape .some time I find an artificial backdrop of the city with vivid colour.Colourful and artificial life of city some time influence me to paint it in its original senses.

When I walk in the street, I feel the warm of the dead engines and the rough sounds of human engines. Na… Not their problem. They don’t know the difference between life and engine. Realistic senses of city life only reflect in the dry rock street

Dark comes…

I see and hear the sound of glittering city. All colours talk with each other. No one understands……no one’s sound. Red, blue lights create magic in urban setting but the chrome yellow light mixes with dark creating a new hue to visualize the depth of night. The dark Prussian green trees shades some druggists and some where a family sleeps through the night full of sound. But I can’t paint all these feeling of the street and concert jungle life.

For me the painting is expressing its own feeling.

You can talk with a city, but city can’t talk with you. Because it’s very busy.

When I move from a still life to a cityscape…

The migrated mind has lost its essence in the city. The rural flavor somewhere reflected in the dry environment of the concert street. Some colour may lose somewhere.

I can’t paint these things. I want to see the city in its own flavor through a bird’s eye view of its sweet and bright life.

Midnight life. With lots of colour sense. Street light (life) turns yellow, with dark chrome yellow night makes a shadow go purple and ultramarine blue. And all twinkling stars talk with Night Street light.

All are silent ……… But still I paint

(Hope you enjoy my show and walk with me on Dark Street to share a moment with a life under a chrome yellow street light, have a cup of black coffee).


Date- 13TH – 23RD MARCH

Time- 10:00 Am

Venue- Triveni Kala Sangam