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Description- Shocked? Thrilled? Flabbergasted?
Well yeah! That’s exactly how they felt after their first two shows went sold out.
After giving two successful shows in 2 months, team Chai-Matthi Tales is back with their biggest show till now – a 200 SEATER AUDITORIUM SHOW (did capslock help?)

We’ve heard stories in our childhood about Angels and Demons, how beautiful Angels were, right?
So, go back and have a look at the poster again, darr laga na ?? They’re here to change the stereotypes yarr!

“3 Little Angels” is a 100 min Stand-up Comedy special by 3 men from Chai-Matthi tales, where they explain how they became ‘Daddy’s little Angels’ (Papa ki Pari Hun Main)

Go and watch them, they might fly towards the show’s end!!
(No! no, not the fat one, they’re here to break stereotypes, not to re-write laws of physics baba)

So see you at Ghalib Auditorium on 10th March 2018 (Saturday).


Date- 10 Mar, 06:00 PM

Venue- Ghalib Auditorium: Delhi,
Mata Sundri Road, Mata Sundri Women`s College, Mandi House, Central Delhi, Delhi, NCR 110002, India