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Description-=  ‘Nona’, a socio-political satirical play, directed by the acclaimed Malayalam theatre personality, Jino Joseph, is set in rural India and examines pseudo -nationalism and casteism through the story of Govindan, his family and neighbours. The narrative is about how Govindan’s conniving son Prasanth through his project of an advertisement film about the map of India in his courtyard creates boundaries that change the dynamics of a peaceful and connected community. Ultimately the villagers with the help of Govindan see through the sly motive of Prasanth and fight him back. The play culminates with the villagers rejoicing after wiping out the boundaries created by Prasanth. Language: Malayalam
Director: Jino Joseph  /  16 April, 8:00 Pm
Producer: Black Theatre, Koduvally


The underbelly of Hindi Cinema is its B Grade films which were popular before multiplexes. The play Item looks at the B- grade film world through the eyes of L. Rakesh originally a light man and now an assistant to B- Grade superstar Sapna. Rakesh as a sensitive narrator introduces us to all the milestones of this B-grade film’s actress’ life while exposing the objectification of the female body, the male chauvinistic media that exploits a women’s image to sell its products and the toll it takes on Sapna, who is nothing more than an Item. Language: Hindi
Director: Kshitish Date  /  17 April, 8:00 Pm
Producer: Natak Company


Shikhandi, a character from the Mahabharata, is perhaps one of the earliest trans-genders known in mythology. Shikhandi was meant to be born male to avenge an insult in her past life as Amba. But she is reborn female, raised male, has a sex change on her wedding night when she runs away into a forest, and finally fulfils her destiny – to be the cause of Bhishma’s death. A comic, tongue-in- cheek retelling of the story of Shikhandi, mixing the traditional with the contemporary, the play questions maleness, femaleness and everything in between. The play was runner-up at the Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Awards 2016, and was also awarded the Laadli Media Award for Best Play in 2017. Langauge: English
Director: Faezeh Jalali  /  18 April, 8:30 Pm
Producer: NCPA in association with FATS TheArts


Date- 16 To 18 April, 8:00 Pm

Venue- Kamani Auditorium