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मेरा कुछ सामान
तुम्हारे पास पड़ा है..

These lines sound nowhere like a poetry when read once. No trace of creativity, no sign of philosophy, nothing! No wonder R.D. Burman on listening to these lines, could not identify it to be a song. But then these lines grow, grow into a bundle of amazing expressions, grow into a nazm that redefines romance, grow on your mind and soul; and when you hum it to yourself, you find a new philosophy every time and keep wondering if anything you have ever heard has been so creative with a word as plain as सामान. Gulzar sab re-defines poetry not just as a set of words,but as a series of thoughts, as a way of life..

A poet who is loved by a common man as much as he is respected in literary circles, a poet whose verses are adored equally by last three generations and a name synonymous with lyrics and poetry for over half a century – Gulzar sab needs no introduction. As he celebrates his 84th birthday this 18th August, let us gather and celebrate Gulzar the poet. Lets relish not just some of his popular works, but also discover some of his lesser known works and take time to travel through the spectrum that this genius poet offers. 🙂

Date: 18th August, 2018

Time: 4.30 pm

Venue: Sangeeta Gupta Art Gallary A1/232 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi -110016

1) Informal chat session including anecdotes from maestro’s life, discussion on his popular verses, and also his creations apart from the popular media of films.
2) You, the participants are welcome to recite your favourite couplets, nazms or ghazals
3) Snacks and refreshments to be served as part of the event.